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I’m a new employee. Where do I start?

We are glad you asked!  We encourage you to check out our New Employees page by clicking on the link in the blue bar above.  This will provide you with information about the sessions you need to complete as you begin your new full-time role here at North Lake College.

Blazer Trail (or NLC New Employee Orientation) is an orientation specific to North Lake College.  This session is designed to provide new employees access to essential tools to support their work efforts and to promote success in their professional pursuits.  We offer a wide variety of additional courses including both strengths-based professional development as well online courses which your manager may require you to complete.

Looking for an updated calendar of events?  Learn more about subscribing to our online calendar to see these events directly in Outlook.

If you are new to DCCCD, we encourage you to attend the District New Employee Orientation (NEO) as well.  Click here for more information about District NEO.