Picture of the Leadership Team of NLC on Professional Development Day Spring 2019

Professional Development Day Spring 2019

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If you were unable to join us or prefer to watch her address again, visit DCCCD’s website for Dr. Goldrick-Rab’s address, and visit our website for a copy of her slides.

Our spring semester Professional Development Day was eventful and informative. The day began with attendees travelling to Singley Academy. Many people carpooled or hopped on one of the NLC buses. Others braved the frosty weather and walked the brisk half mile down the trail.

Once at Singley, attendees listened to a keynote address from the renowned Dr. Sara Goldrick-Rab. She addressed many topics revolving around the lives of students, including the social and monetary issues many face. Beyond identifying these issues, she suggested several solutions to give students a higher chance of success. Her stage presence was captivating, allowing for an attentive audience.

Dr. Goldrick-Rab’s talk began with a simple concept: students are human. This is imperative to to remember while working in the education field.  We are here to support our students’ needs, and students who meet those basic needs of Maslow’s hierarchy are more likely to successfully learn. She encouraged us to create more of a presence in our local community by expanding our resources, which further promotes the dialogue that has begun to grow here at North Lake. This will allow NLC to build partnerships with helpful providers and further support the community in which we operate.

To help spread the awareness of potential help, she suggested faculty to share beneficial resource information on their class syllabus.  It’s a small step that can make a difference in whether students know of available resources. She went on to share statistics of how many students specifically in DCCCD are struggling with food insecurity and homelessness.  It really drives the point home when we connect more with the severity and importance of these issues right here in Dallas County.

Her keynote address wrapped up with an opportunity to ask questions, and we were fortunate that Lyndsey Luther introduced herself as our new Senior Rehabilitation Specialist who will be supporting these efforts for North Lake College.

After her address, Professional Development Day attendees made their way back to the NLC campus. Compared to the morning, a much larger group chose to walk the trail through the campuses! After a fulfilling Southern barbeque meal, attendees chose two out of fourteen breakout sessions to continue the conversations of equity and social justice in the afternoon.

For those who were interested in learning more about Dr. Goldrick-Rab’s work, visit the hope4college website.