NLC – Teaching Squares Program

Employee Training IconAdjunct Faculty Development LogoInterested in being a part of Teaching Squares? Here’s your chance!  The Teaching Squares program provides advisors, faculty, and adjuncts with an opportunity to gain new insight into teaching through a non-evaluative process of reciprocal classroom observation and self-reflection.  As part of this program, you will find a partner that you would be interested in visiting their classroom 3 times during the semester. After you and your partner each complete 3 classroom visits, you will get together for your “Square Share.” This session provides you with an opportunity to meet and discuss class visits with your partner. It is a face-to-face connection with your colleague and a wonderful opportunity to share conversations about teaching and learning.The final meeting date for Teaching Squares will be our Round Up, where we will share what things you learned from the experience.

By completing the full series of sessions in the program, on your IAP.  Here are the time commitments for Teaching Squares:

  • 1.5 hours – Opening/Kickoff (Lunch will be provided.)
  • 3 hours – Class Visits: You will visit the class of your fellow square colleague 3 times.
  • 1 hour – Square Share: You will meet to discuss your class visits with your partner
  • 1.5 hours – Round Up (Lunch will be provided.)

Attendees receive 7.0 PDUs

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