North Lake College

Annual Report

AY 2016-2017
Updated 07/17/2017

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Events, Projects, and Initiatives

The following are all the major events, projects, and initiatives started and/or completed this year.  These may include items that were led or supported by the Wildfire Institute.

Staff Training Development Projects

Below is a list of new and re-designed staff training development programs divided by the season of development.  These projects included either new resources, content, or updates to existing professional development training.  


  • Blazer Trail
  • Customer Service Best Practices
  • Privacy Best Practices
  • Blazer Service (Re-design)


  • Blazer Self
  • Blazer Service (Strengths-based)


  • Prezi your Presentation (Updated)
  • Navigating the Tools of Qualtrics
  • Skype: Improving Communication Between Departments
  • New Adjunct Orientation (Upcoming program for Fall 2017)
  • Blazer Life
  • Blazer Strengths

Special Events (Logistics and Support)

The following series includes various staff, faculty, and college-wide events in which we provided either logistics or other support to another group or department leading the event.  This help often included the development of materials (programs, decorations, etc.), communication, scheduling and booking rooms, or directing participants.


  • Blue Green Week
  • Special Leadership Workshop (Leadership Retreat Make-up)
  • Live2Lead


  • Blue Green Week
  • Employee Friday Funday
  • Concealed Carry Forum
  • Leadership Retreat
  • Staff Appreciation Day
  • Employee Recognition (Program rescheduled for 8/17)


  • Celebration Committee Lakeside Luau


Below outlines a list of additional projects within Wildfire and external certifications obtained to support the needs of professional development.  This includes coaching and mentor coach certification training along with communication with various cost center managers across the college to identify key short-term and long-term professional development needs.


  • CliftonStrengths Coach Certification
  • Mentor Coach Certification Training
  • Cost Center Manager Needs Assessments


  • Strategic Funding Presentation
  • Cost Center Manager Needs Assessments
  • Academic Advising Training Modules
  • Professional Development Day


  • Food Truck Fridays
  • Academic Advising Training Modules
  • Wildfire Website Redesign
  • Wellness Week (Upcoming program for Fall 2017)

Training and Development Sessions

The following chart includes a total number of training and development sessions conducted from August 2016-July 2017. These include faculty development and district-led credit-eligible trainings at North Lake College.

For a full list of training sessions for the most recent fiscal year, please review the Appendix below.

Staff Development

Faculty Development Combined Total
28 sessions 36 sessions 64 sessions

All of the staff development sessions occurred in a face-to-face format.  Of the 36 faculty development sessions, 22 were face-to-face and 14 were online sessions.

Evaluation Data

Below is a short summary of our event attendance and evaluation reports.

The average satisfaction score is based on survey feedback collected from participants specifically answering the question: “Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied were you with the event?”  Participants indicated one of four responses on a scale from very satisfied to very dissatisfied, and these responses were assigned a numerical value based on the response from 3 for very satisfied to 0 for very dissatisfied.  These scores were then averaged per session to calculate the average satisfaction score as a percentage.

For more specific information about individual session scores including a full chart of session attendance and satisfaction scores by session, please review the Appendix below.

General Session Attendance and Satisfaction

Staff Development Faculty Development Combined Total
Average Session Attendance 16 participants 4 participants 9 participants
Average Satisfaction Score 91.4% 96.5% 91.8%

In regard to staff development, we recently updated the content of the Blazer Self and Blazer Service sessions, and with these changes, we saw an increased satisfaction score from 92% to 95% and 89% to 93%, respectively.  However, attendance to our Tech Tuesday sessions remain lower than anticipated even though most staff are on-campus through the summer months.

We also hosted our first Professional Development Day for North Lake College at the end of February 2017.  This event included a full day of sessions starting with a GPS training in the morning, followed by lunch, and then afternoon sessions focused on aspects of health and wellness.  Professional Development Day received a satisfaction score of 80.5% after averaging the survey results across all of the morning and afternoon sessions.  In addition, we identified one area of improvement being the selection of a different caterer moving forward.

Regarding faculty development, we noticed a significant number of sessions did not receive any feedback from participants (26 out of 36).  However, the average satisfaction scores for the Teaching Squares have recently increased with the roundup session receiving a 100% “very satisfied” response in the Spring 2017 term compared to 90% in Fall 2016.

New Employee Orientation Attendance and Satisfaction

We have seen an increase in attendance to our New Employee Orientation (Blazer Trail) session from 52.6% of new employees attending the session in Fall 2016 to 68.8% in Spring 2017.

Fall 2016 Spring 2017 Annual Total
New Employees Scheduled to Attend Orientation 19 employees 16 employees 35 employees
Session Attendance 10 participants 11 participants 21 participants
Session Attendance as Percentage 52.6% of new employees 68.8% of new employees 60.0% of new employees
Average Satisfaction Score 100.0% 100.0% 100.0%

The current New Employee Orientation program has only applied to full-time employees thus far.  We are currently designing an orientation specific to adjunct faculty to be rolled out to employees starting for Fall 2017.


The following appendix includes lists of each of the sessions for staff and faculty development by term.  This chart also includes the session dates, total number of attendees, and overall satisfaction scores per session.  

If there was no survey feedback received for a session, this has been notated with an “N/S” for no score.  We have also denoted any missing session attendance information with an “N/A” for not available as this is information we are still waiting to receive.  We also have seven sessions still scheduled to occur during the Summer 2017 term, and these have been labeled with “TBD” for data to be determined.

Fall 2016

Session Name Session Date Number of Attendees Overall Satisfaction Score
Blazer Trail (New Employee Orientation) 9/9/2016 10 100%
Blazer Self 9/9/2016 16 92%
Blazer Service 10/7/2016 19 89%
Concur 10/10/2016, 10/11/2016, 10/20/2016 9 100%
Purchasing and Budget Training 10/18/2016, 10/19/2016 47 90%
Registration Training 10/28/2016, 11/18/2016, 12/2/2016 108 100%
Safe Zone Training 11/4/2016 37 N/S
Privacy Best Practices 12/2/2016 & 12/6/2016 12 94%
Lunch & Learn: myPortal ongoing monthly dates 11 94%
Blazer Travel Funds 9/19/2016 7 N/S
Flipped Classroom 9/30/2016 N/A N/S
eCampus 1 online N/A N/S
eCampus 2 online N/A N/S
Softchalk Cloud online N/A N/S
Quality Matters online N/A N/S
Creating Accessible Content online N/A N/S
SnagIt 10/4/2016 N/A N/S
Teaching Squares Kickoff 10/7/2016 23 100%
Creating Introductory Videos 10/12/2016 4 100%
Becoming an Instructor: iRead 10/12/2016 7 100%
Accessible eContent 10/13/2016 N/A N/S
AppSmashing 10/14/2016 1 N/S
Playposit 10/19/2016 2 100%
Google for Education 10/26/2016 3 93%
Using WebEx for Student Engagement 10/28/2016 N/A N/S
Greenscreen 11/4/2016 N/A N/S
Camtasia for Greenscreening online N/A N/S
Teaching Squares Roundup 11/11/2016 21 90%

Spring 2017

Session Name Session Date Number of Attendees Overall Satisfaction Score
Customer Service Best Practices 2/3/2017 5 83%
Blazer Trail (New Employee Orientation) 2/17/2017 11 100%
Campus Safety Training 2/17/2017 29 91%
Right Brain, Left Brain Careers 2/28/2017 10 76%
Degree Advising Training 3/7/2017 17 92%
Blazer Self 3/10/2017 17 95%
Blazer Service 3/10/2017 17 93%
Being an Agent for Change 3/29/2017 7 89%
Don’t Be Blue: Go Green 4/5/2017 6 78%
BIT & Title IX Training 4/13/2017 34 92%
Lunch & Learn: myPortal ongoing monthly dates 2 83%
Playposit 1/5/2017 N/A N/S
SmarterMeasure 1/13/2017 8 N/S
eCampus 1 online N/A N/S
eCampus 2 online N/A N/S
Softchalk online N/A N/S
Creating Accessible Content online N/A N/S
Fair Use and Copyright online N/A N/S
Quality Matters online N/A N/S 1/20/2017 N/A N/S
Softchalk eBook 1/30/2017 N/A N/S
Teaching Squares Kickoff 2/28/2017 10 100%
Teaching Squares Roundup 4/20/2017 11 100%

Summer 2017

Session Name Session Date Number of Attendees Overall Satisfaction Score
Prevent Death by PowerPoint: Tips and Tricks 6/6/2017 3 89%
Prezi your Presentation 6/13/2017 0 N/S
Google Docs: Edit Documents in a Snap 6/20/2017 5 100%
Navigating the Tools of Qualtrics 6/27/2017 5 N/S
An Introduction to Excel 7/11/2017 0 N/S
Skype: Improving Communication between Departments 7/18/2017 TBD TBD
Getting your Calendar to Work for You 7/25/2017 TBD TBD
Finding North Lake Resources Online 8/1/2017 TBD TBD
eCampus 1 online TBD TBD
eCampus 2 online TBD TBD
5 Ways to Stay Connected 6/9/2017 16 100%
Become a Certified Google Educator 6/16/2017 13 N/S
Softchalk 6/30/2017 N/A N/S