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Accessibility Training for Faculty

Accessibility training sessions offer an overview of Universal Design and how to implement in your classes for improved accessibility. Trainings are available in person and online. Please continue to refer to our calendar for upcoming sessions as further training rolls out. Here are some of the topics we cover:

  • Accessible course content for online, blended, or face-to-face
  • Color and Contrast
  • Formatting Text
  • Multimedia
  • External Content

In addition to these trainings, there are also a number of resources pertaining to accessibility available for faculty that are categorized below.

Accessibility Checkers

Accessing DCCCD Adobe Pro

Accessing DCCCD Microsoft Office

Grackle Docs for Google Docs

Guide to Microsoft Office Accessibility Checker

Using Microsoft Office Accessibility Checker

Alt Text

WebAIM Alt Text

Blackboard Ally

Ally gauges the accessibility of much of the content in eCampus shells and provides guidance and tips to make your content accessible. Ally automatically creates alternative versions of your files. This allows students to choose the type of file they want that best suits their needs.

Accessibility Checklist

Blackboard Ally Help

Weekly Planner


MediaHub Knowledge Base

WebAIM Captions

YouTube Captions

Color and Contrast

Colour Contrast Analyser

WebAIM Color Contrast Checker

DCCCD Accessibility Taskforce and Checklist Resources

Accessing DCCCD Adobe Pro

Accessing DCCCD Microsoft Office

DCCCD Accessibility Checklist

DCCCD Accessibility Taskforce Website

DCCCD VPAT Request Script

General Accessibility Information

AskJan A to Z of Disabilities and Accommodations

WebAIM Web Accessibility in Mind


Color Blindness Simulator

Dyslexia Simulator

Low Vision Simulator

Screen Reader Simulator

See Now Sight Loss Simulator

If you have any inquiries about accessibility training, we encourage you to contact us by email at