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Reporting Your Professional Development

If you are planning on offering professional development session at North Lake College and have your participants receive credit on their yearly transcript, you must fill out this Request.

Mission Statement

The Wildfire Institute strives to inspire employees to continue their professional growth through general and skill based lifelong organizational learning. Our goal is to provide an environment of teaching and learning that improves employee work-life through courses; seminars; workshops; and skills training for improving productivity in the workplace. We seek to strengthen the work-place maturity of each employee through career development and workplace support.

The Wildfire Institute also supports creating and delivering rich media for both classroom and Internet based education for students and employees. Services offered extend from print media to high definition video related to professional development:

North Lake College Goals:

Strategic Objectives: 2010-2013 (related to professional development)

Contact Information

Location: K308 and K316

Wildfire Team:

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